Stay active

  • Meera Promotes healthy lifestyle; 
  • It is fun;
  • Builds friendships;
  • Improves fitness;
  • Builds character ;
  • Improved fitness;
  • Reduced stress and anxiety;
  • Improved sleep

  • Chest Workouts

    Get active weekly

    Shoulder & Gluts Workout Starts

    Lats Session

    Regularly performing lat exercises provides the following benefits:
    • Strengthening the back.
    • Reducing the risk of injury.
    • Stabilizing the spine.
    • Improving shoulder addiction and pulling.
    • Enhancing breathing.
    • Increasing running speed, throwing, swimming, and rowing.
    • Improving overall core support and function.

    Get active weekly

    Tricep session-weekly

    Dumbbell Rows

    • Benefit help with developing Wide & Thick Back